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about me


GreatCatch Seafood was established in 2019 by Toby Greatbatch, a Jersey fisherman with 11 years experience in the fishing industry upon on our local shores.

Not only have these hours at sea cultivated a great understanding of the temperament of our oceans, but a true passion and respect for the home it provides to it’s inhabitants.

So when the undeniable decline of the natural aquatic livestock alongside the huge increase of plastic, debris and toxic waste of the waters created the hardest year in the fishing industry,  he felt not only a necessity, but a responsibility to cultivate change.

Along with ocean plastic clean up dives, participation with Blue Marine Foundation and becoming an Ocean Guardian for Ocean Culture Life, every opportunity has been taken to raise media attention and not only speak up about the challenges of our environment, but taking risk to speak out against those in resistance.
(See ‘Media’ for more)

So, driven by this mission for conservation, GreatCatch Seafood offers only locally sourced Lobsters, Sea Bass, Crabs and hand caught Scallops with all other products sourced from other like-minded companies and independent fishermen.

And although the fight against some traditional values and fishing methods which inhibit the change are complicated, the ethos remains the same;

To conserve the oceans in which the product comes.

If we want to take from the oceans, we have to start by giving back- and this is where it begins.

Collection from Victoria Pier • Free delivery on orders over £75.00